Wednesday, May 18, 2005

About Teaching

I love to teach, I love to motivate my students not just into dancing, but also into enjoying their trips of discovery, about their own creativity and possibilities, not just in art, but also in life.

I love to teach, but I can’t stand the endless meetings, where I have to listen to the endless talks of the “I know best about the system” guy…….or the “we need to organize another meeting to talk” woman (generally to talk about the same issues that have no resolution). I love to teach but I hate to give grades, that to my eyes in art, are absolutely relative and which many times take away motivation with no fundamental real cause.

I love to teach, but I feel like a fish out of the water with the system.

Yesterday I found this article. Is just marvellous and I agree 100% with it. I felt I was not alone.

The article is called “The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher” by John Gatto

I highly recommend it

Here is the link: