Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks KB

She reminded me I haven’t posted here for a long time!

I got distracted.

Distracted writing an essay about Semiology and Phenomenology
Distracted creating nine choreographies
Distracted looking for a performance and rehearsal space
Distracted procrastinating when I felt it was just too much work, what I call “Frozen on Time” or “If you Panic Just Stare at the Wall”

The Sneezing Stage, the name of a Duo to be performed in Holland, part of my Masters assignments. Funny I choreograph all the time, but because I know this Duo will be graded, I am again watching at the wall, looking more at my sneezing toe.

I should make a special Blog for my space to announce the activities….I know, one more thing to do in case I don’t have enough.

Hi all!! And thanks KB