Monday, May 16, 2005


Sooo…….here I am undecided…..should I write in Spanish? In Portuguese? In French? Or I stick to my English that is far than perfect?
I already found the first problem to my Blog: Indecision 1

Then appears Ms. Indecision 2…should I stick to a single theme? Should I be playful and informal? Or should I just talk about choreography and art?....Mhh……

The other day that I decided to make this page, I didn’t know anything about the Blog community. In the instructions, they said: “There are no rules”…Yuppee!! I felt like a free child…..NO RULES!!!!!! But after navigating into this new world, I realized that many, many talented people are writing not just intelligent and witty posts….but besides that, they are GOOD writers. Mhh…I am definitely not a writer. Should I be myself? Or Should I pretend to have a talent I don’t have? Ok I will be myself….this was difficult to decide lol
Ok. Ms Indecision 3, it was nice to meet you anyway.

And this takes me to think about our days. Since we wake up, we are constantly deciding, it never stops. Should I wake up and go to work or should I enjoy the sun and do nothing? Should I have coffee or green tea? - That they say makes you look 10 years younger- Should I take the train or a cab?
I prefer to let myself go with the flow of life, if I think too much I get undecided again.

Perhaps if I take the word “should” out of my vocabulary, I wouldn’t have to struggle with the options I face everyday. Why not instead of saying: “I should work” or “I should write”, I change the word to “I would love to go to work “, “I would love to write” and especially “I would love to be myself”

Then it doesn’t matter in which language I write and it also doesn’t matter if I am not a writer. Just like creating choreography, the idea “talks” to me and I follow it, enjoying the process of discovery with no fear. Then there will be no more indecision, because the fear to be mistaken or “wrong” disappears.

I think this is the right track