Sunday, June 26, 2005

Afternoon Soap/Hoje à Tarde

Foto de Humberto Almendra
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Next performances

Arena Festival. Erlangen, Germany


8th of July at 6pm and 8 pm

9th of July at 8pm

Afternoon Soap explores in an ironic way the world of soap-operas: the daily afternoon drama.

The structure of the choreography follows free narrative sequence and inconclusive ending of each episode as in television soap-operas. The interruptions of climatic moments by commercials are always present, returning abruptly to completely new circumstances and settings.Dramas are built as if the characters live through cycles of never ending catastrophic events. It follows a familiar narrative: infidelity, secrets, pain, secrets and an excess of intrigue. The characters are one dimensional- for example, "the good wife" and "the evil seducer".This work is conceived for an actor and a dancer.

The two disciplines are interwoven, dance and theatre become unified aspects of a unique performance language. Exploring the possibilities of human expression though telling the story of daily domestic drama, it is a portrait of the romantic imagination and fantasies of men and women.

Conception and Choreography Andrea Gabilondo

Music Elena Katz-Chernin-Ray Brown-Nicola Piovani-Permendes Hernández-TNX

Performers Andrea Gabilondo andLuciano Amarelo

Video Artists Hélder Dias and Susana Jacques

Light designer Rui Damas

Stage Design and Costumes Susanne Rösler

ProductionLa Marmita

Sponsors M/C Ministério de Cultura-IA Instituto das Artes-Pé de Vento

Foto: Humberto Almendra


Anonymous said...

WAW Está lindíssimo o blog! Fiz um link para o meu... Isabel

Foxessa said...

I wish I could be there!

Love, Fox

Andrea said...

Obrigada Isa!! :-)

Smoochies Fox, i wish you were there too!!

Smoochies :-)

Alice said...

It sounds so interesting dear Andrea. Wish I could be there. I saw a dance movie on TV last night and thought of you creating such wonderful choreography. All the good wishes for your performance.

Foxessa said...

By the way, Andrea -- This summer I've been talking with a number of choreographers here in Gotham City, all of whom have admirable careers, with numerous awards, grants, fantastic reviews, etc.

Almost all of them are hurting badly in terms of finances. One in particular, despite just finishing a long and successful run at a venerable and respected venue here, is three months behind in her rent and has medical bills that are beyond her ability to pay (she suffered an injury right before the original opening night for the season, which had to be postponed).

So it is not only in your country.

Well, historically, this nation has generally always been hostile, not only to supporting artists and intellectuals, but just to their existence.

Love, Foxessa

kb said...

Have fun in Germany Andrea (FH) =)

-kb (Pebbles)