Thursday, June 02, 2005

Recycling choreographies

So.....I was asked to make a solo for a performance with an actress. Little problem: I will be inside a small terrace, not too much space to move. I thought about special lights or mirrors, so that some effects could surprise the eye, I know the difficulty of the space will "eat" the idea.

So the actress is going to say these poems by Sofia de Mello, a portuguese poet. I read them with care. They are about, death, destiny, the Minotaur and the labirynth.

Two years ago, I made a solo that talked about this, but it was based in the Moiras mith, the three sisters responsibles of the string of life. In this choreography, I used a string as the source of impulse in different parts of the body....a constant big chord, never stopped comming down from the ceiling.
It didn't matter what happened to the character in this landscape of light and shadows, it didn't matter that through growing old the use of the string changed to different parts of the body, making the movement sometimes beautiful and sometimes grotesque. It didn't matter that at the end the characters dies.....the movement of the chord, coming down slowly as if from the sky never stoped. Even when the character stopped moving......destiny.

So I will recycle the idea, the string...of life and death....destiny

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