Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Something from Suzanne Beecher

A friend of mine sent me this. She told me that my post "Indecision", made her remember this written by Suzanne Beecher.

She is very funny, here are her links:

Whenever I'm getting ready to say something that I feel strongly about,that emotionally touches me, I get all jumbled up. My body gets tense andI'm wishing for a quick dress rehearsal--some time to think it through, butthere isn't any.
And then to make things even more stressful, suddenly the words don't seem good enough. Maybe I should play it safe and considerexchanging "my" words for some of the "how-to-say-it" suggestions that I'veread about in books. "Words guaranteed to make people listen and really'feel' what you're saying." But the fancy words, the clever phrases--they don'tfeel right to me. I'm really better at just being me. My first couple of sentences may run-on a bit because it takes a moment forme to get used to the "feel" of saying what's really on my mind. And that's okay; a little fumbling makes a person seem more approachable.

I'm hoping my simple words will be enough to make a difference, because they come from my heart--they're for real. Cutting loose with feelings, the stuff that I swore I'd never tell another soul--it's scary. I get anxious, short of breath, and the heat quickly risesup through my body. But for me, that's the go-ahead sign, the evidence that it's something I really need to say.*****

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