Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Work, Train and Flyinhorse

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So there I go to another small working trip.
It is an extra work I accepted with a theatre group, not as a creator or a performer, but as a stage manager and I have been travelling all over the country.
Among my responsibilities are: taking care of the set, the props, the actors and the public. I get quiet nervous with these tasks, not because they are difficult, but because I am so absent minded.
I wouldn’t do this in regular bases, but is a nice way of making that extra money I need for my own performances.
Of course as any artist I have the dream that someday someone is going to be so thrilled about my work that I would be offered a subsidy and a theatre. Why not? If I dream is better to dream big.

But anyway, I was not going to talk about the economic difficulties of free-lance artists, but about landscape.

The place I went to is called Castelo Branco (White Castle) and yes, it has a marvellous castle that glows at night on the top of a hill.
The Company offered to pay the bus ticket not the train because is cheaper.
Mhh………I don’t like buses, I feel claustrophobic and I hate when they speed, besides that I can’t read, write or dream.
So, I decided to go by train and pay the difference. Wow I am a great business woman! LOL
But the magnificence of the trip is worthwhile.

For most of the trip from Entroncamento to Castelo Branco, the train travels on a one way track that follows most of the time the Tagus river bank surrounded by proud mountains.
The landscape tastes better if you listen to some flowing music just as water itself. But I chose this ongoing music, the kind made of sounds that seem to flow into infinity, like wind, it makes me see a flying horse

So there it was this amazing white horse running along the water of the never ending river, running along the lonely train, running with me.
I could see its/his/her, it is a she, definitely!
So, I could see her legs moving faster and faster…..run…..run……run……..the wind against her mane wild with joy – zoom to the horse’s head, zoom to her eyes where you can see reflected the window of the train, which reflects the river that at the same time reflects the horse. A perfect circle of reflections- run……run……run………..a suspended breath…………………………………………………………and softly, very softly there she goes to the sky. Circling the surprised proud mountains, coming down and up in loops with a grace never seen. There she comes diving down splashing the water with one wing and spreading drops of water that become like pearls under the sun. This makes me laugh, what a wonderful performance.
Magnificent view against the landscape.

Suddenly very far away I listen. “Proxima paragem Castelo Branco”. I wake up with a jump; the image of my Flyinghorse makes me so peaceful that eventually I always fall asleep.

And now while I write this in another train coming back from my trip, I see a field full of horses, eart horses.

Wind of music still in my ears.


Foxessa said...

Good morning! What a lovely image, the white mare flying through the green along the train track!

I must learn how to put images into these messages.

In the many packings and moves in the last 10 months, with the additional hard drive corruption adventure, I've lost my html commands. Nor had I need to use them in these last 12 months, so I've forgotten what I knew, which wasn't all that much, but still effectively basic. Argh.

Love, Fox

Max Bouillet said...

"A perfect circle of reflections" that phrase is filled with fantasy and magic. This is a wondeful dream filled with motion and flight. I am glad you took the train.

Andrea said...

Foxessa, I know the horse should be a mare, because actually I reflect my own spirit to the Pegasus. But phonetically speaking it sounds more beautiful Flyinghorse, compared to Flyingmare, this last one gives me the impression as been a Flyingnightmare LOL

Max, I am happy I took the train too. I take the train to work every day also, perhaps I should begin to write my impressions while travelling instead of reading for a change.
Have a wonderful week end!