Sunday, September 18, 2005

Somewhere I read that truly creative minds such as Grotowsky, Brecht or Brook, acknowledge their debt to the past. Such men build on what they find. We cannot escape our debt to the past even when it is necessary to break from it.

A sense of history creates a sense of humour and a sense of humility


Max Bouillet said...

The past is the teacher to the present. Just like with any teacher, one may choose to listen to them or not. However, more than just a bad grade is given to those who do not heed history's lessons. Great thought. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

You are so right Max.
This statement also makes me think about our personal lives. If we don't learn from our own mistakes, we don't grow.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


cargwaps said...

Amen to that! ^____^

kb said...

Hmm nice insite FH!!

-kb (Pebbles)