Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Theatre and Tall Men

Picture by Armastaja

In the theatre, tall people should be forbidden to sit in front of shorter humans, especially if they have a fluffy, extended hairdo.
Or perhaps the theatre management could graciously offer cushions for the individuals whose height doesn’t reach more than 1.61 meters, as a preventive measure.

Anyone would think I am crazy. Here I am at a jazz concert and although I could just close my eyes and hear the music, I would also like to see what is going on stage, at the end I also paid a ticket.

Great! The guy in front of me just moved to his left and I can glimpse for a short time to a collection of marvellous Brazilian percussions.
It seems that the musicians are entering on stage; I know it because people applaud.
I don’t applaud, I can just assume that the applause is for the musicians, although it could be for anything that is going on stage. So I don’t know if they are already there, although the music I begin to hear I doubt is just playback.
New music now.
My spine is hurting; I have been bending to the right and to the left, with no success. So I continue writing on the dark. People at my side stare at me with offensive looks. Well, I ask myself, isn’t this a free theatre? I can write while I listen to the music, don’t I?

I am tired of staring at this man’s hairdo. Actually, I am beginning to hate him. The music seems just too loud and by the way, the synthesiser sound has a too high pitch, why he just plays does uncomfortable high notes? I want to scream.

The volume seems louder now.
I want to go home!! But I am stuck in the middle of this crowded row.
I want to go home and listen to the ocean.


Hey, the star of the show moved from centre stage to his right, I can see him!! He looks like Santa Claus!!!. It is Christmas yet?
He has long white beard, long white hair and a hat. ………….Hermeto!!!!!
Well yes, I forgot that it was his concert that I came to “watch” and hear. My memory got lost between the fluffy expanded grey hair of this tall man sited in front of me.


Peter DP said...

I just saw your comment from September 30 on my blog. Thanks so much for reading. What a small world, I must say. My wife is half-Portuese (my in-laws spend 1/2 the year in Lisbon), she (and I) were dancers half a life ago (and before children). I am sure it is no coincidence that you comment with so much in common.

I can't wait to read more.

cargwaps said...

you are right. something should be done about such circumstances. it's just not fair to other people. i sympathize (as i am vertically-challenged) ^__^

Rachel said...

Hi Andrea,

just went on your La Marmita site, i've not heard of the company before, but it sounds very interesting. I only really know about DV8 in terms of physical theatre so it would be interesting to know what your work is like!

And it's AWFUL sitting behind a tall person isn't it?! Why don't all theatres always have tiered seating? All the problems would be solved :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
I was grinning the whole time reading your story till the end, and still grinning! :P
Next time try carrying an inflatable cushion in your bag! LOL