Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Night and Day

Siegfried Kracauer is the sort of man who can’t say “It’s a lovely day” without first establishing that it is a day, that the term “day” is meaningless without the dialectical concept of “night”, that both these terms have no meaning unless there is a world in which day and night alternate, and so forth. By the time he has established an epistemological system to support his right to observe that it’s a lovely day, our day has been spoiled

(Kael 1965:269)


cargwaps said...

what beautiful words.

cargwaps said...

oh dear.how embarassing.i thought i was commenting on the other site that was open in a different window. the comment i was writing for you, was posted on her blog. and the comment i was writing for her is now in yours. sorry for the blunder.

what i really meant to say was:
i loved that you posted this here. it makes me think of all those people who have so many things to say about every tiny thing that they miss the point entirely. i laughed out loud when i read the end of your post. i thought it was hilarious because its so true. less is always more right? ^___^ keep it up! i miss your posts.

Andrea said...

Hi there!!!

I know, I have to post more. I have been with thousand of projects. I have to update my blog!!!

Hugs to you!

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