Thursday, January 04, 2007


I love this video, it reflects the transformation of the idea, the way the mind composes, chooses and arranges, to create something new from the old, a new interpretation a new view.
It makes me think about the way I create my own scripts for choreographies. They all begin with the research of the idea. Many times the idea comes from a book, or a photograph, or painting. Sometimes the idea comes from a situation real or imagined. Once I know the theme I want to develop, I research as if I were going to write an essay, taking notes while I read. The material I find is always related to ideas of light, movement, characters, and costumes and so on, anything that can help me build the choreography. Many times it takes many pages of notes, others I resolve the theme in a very short time, with less research. Personally I always need a research period, so I can find what I call the heart of the choreography or dramaturgy, as Eugenio Barba writes:

The word text, before referring to a written or spoken, printed or manuscripted text, meant ‘a weaving together’. In this sense there is no performance that has no ‘text’.
That which concerns the text (the weave) of the performance can be defined as ‘dramaturgy’, that is, drama-ergon, ‘the ‘work of the actions’ in the performance. The way in which the actions work is a plot.

(1999: 68)