Thursday, August 08, 2013

Workshop CRACKS on Research and Composition

With Sara Marasso

27, 28 and 29 of August from 10h to 14h

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Price: 70€

The training is based on work that rebuilds a solid relationship between the body an the ground. It aims to strengthen the connection between centre and periphery, between spinal cord and limb, in order to get conscious of the fact that the body is able to move because it has weight. We work on posture and leaning, on impulses and directions with a goal to enable our bodies to maintain a certain itinerary. Without loosing any detail from the experience gained on the way, without anticipating and forgetting the initial point. Starting from this space, we try to create the connection between sensing, feeling and action, between taking root and elevation in a continuous exchange enabled by breathing.

on contemporary dance: research and composition

This corporal experience shared during the training becomes a background for a process of composition and guided improvisation, on individual and team level, through which it will be possible to access a new temporal dimension of rhythm and phrasing.

Phrases and dynamics of the movement are experienced within a context that requires an unconditional presence and an awareness without a shade of doubt, in order to try the body writing while dancing on stage.

Para a participação no Workshop não é necessária uma particular preparação técnica mas um interesse pelo processo criativo e uma atitude para o movimento. 

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