Thursday, July 28, 2005

Involuntary Thoughts

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Time of involuntary thoughts
Building slowly from the cellar of a tired feminine breath
Humid, prolonged, heavy, vibrating….the source of a feeling
Ghostly shadows of the feminine mind
Invented geometry of emotions
Concave and convex reactions touched by the lethal venom of passion
Mysteries of a soul
Conflicts of gestures
Magic trance of involuntary thoughts


kb said...

"Mysteries of a soul"

this one stays with me for some reason today... is that Cabbage in the pic by the way? LOL

-kristen (a.k.a. pebbles)

Dreamjar said...

"... shadows of the feminine mind..." I'll never look at a cabbage the same again. Beautiful. Thanks for visiting my site, Andrea!

Andrea said...

Thanks [b]kb[/b], yes it is a beautiful cabbage. I took the picture in a garden, they had these part where they planted cabbages between flowers, it was actually very beautiful and this was the most beautiful cabbage of them all.

Thanks [b]dreamjar[/b]I liked your site very much!! It is now bookmarked!
Thanks for visiting me too.


Andrea said...

I should have preview my previous post, I know LOL

Andrea said...

I should have previewed again!!! LOL

Foxessa said...

Cabbages are lovely and they are also fun! El Caballero frequently employs the French word for cabbage, as well as calling me his 'leetle cabbage' as endearments.

We like to eat cabbage too, especially barely tossed in very hot olive oil, with very good pork sausage and rice.

Love, F.