Saturday, July 30, 2005


"Bramacharya" painted by M.Coffey
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Once, Peter Brook was criticized of not being “original”. He was criticized of making synthesis of Stanislavsky, Brecht, Grotovski and Oriental Theatre.

Aren’t we all a result of synthesis in our own art work???

Bach compositions were a synthesis of Italian, French and German music. He “copied” Vivaldi in a way of learning. (As I do when I write poetry LOL)

Telemann is another good example or Mozart who was a product of a masterful synthesis of all styles.

So well yes, my work is no different I have been influenced by Peter Brook, Reinhild Hoffmannn, Butoh and the many books I read.

We influence each other.

There are no original ideas. They can come out as something new, but at the end they are a synthesis of knowledge and experience.

The difference is the language we use to give them a voice of its own


cargwaps said...

Amen to that. Man is a social being. And everything we create and produce is affected by this nature. Nothing is truly original. Why else are we moved by the works of others? Why else are we drawn towards certain things? If not because we see ourselves in their own art? And in seeing thus, we create in different guises but with only one essence. Carl Jung wasn't so far off in claiming that we all have a collective unconscious from which we draw.

donna said...