Sunday, October 02, 2005

Flashes of the Moon

Picture by Armastaja

Flashes of the Moon

Take the body of my lover,
No, the cheeks of my nights awake.
And spin a broad, rough
Roof against the sky

In the high tone, Your tingling arms
In the process of transformation,
Trail in the Shadow

Take flashes of the moon
And through all, your arm
To avoid every ireful will.
You throw of speech.
And swelling now
In concentration

Some dance to be understood.
Some dance the moment.

Not you, yet still to move
The unborn thought.
To make us understand.
Avoid the obvious.

Peel the gold of your reflection.
No. its careful constructed box.
And the taut fleshy
Bellies of an asset.

Untoss the pillows of your dream.
And step through the veil of beyond.

Sondra Fraleigh

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