Monday, March 20, 2006

Heaven- Rehearsals 2

Rich in imagery and symbolism, the characters of the dance-theatre piece Heaven, are caught in a timeless, absurd and ecstatic world.

The characters are unaware who invited them to this elegant dinner and for what motive. We see at first confident business men preparing for an important meeting that will slowly transform itself into the site of existential enquiry as they drop their self-assured masks.

There is an overall extreme austerity that envelops the choreography broken by moments of colourful irony.
Video projections, mostly in black and white, using the techniques of close-up and fragmentation of the performer’s image on stage, give the chilling effect of an uninvited ghost.

The choreography makes use of elements of the Expressionist Theatre, blending sharp contrasting movements with motionless continence.
The voice is used sparingly, often as a dehumanized sound, as a portrayal of the mood and mental state of the characters, providing scenes of grotesque beauty.

Heaven is an ironic meditation on death and about our absurd conventions that hold us as slaves to our inner selves.

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