Sunday, March 19, 2006


Photo by Claudia Mel
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Our first period of rehearsals is over. In two weeks it was possible to create the whole frame of a one hour piece, the kind of work I call "choreographic theatre".

The team is fantastic on stage and out of stage, it is a big luxury to be surrounded by wonderful human beings, to all of you, thank you so much!

The Team


Elsa Pierry-Grammare, Freddy Trinidad, Martin Muhlenweg, Nardo Vogt and Viriato Morais

Behind the stage:

Video Artist: Luis Miguel Pereira- Light Designer: Rui Damas- Costumes and Propos: Susanne Rosler- Producers: Claudia Wolf and Christina Zimermann- Photograher: Claudia Mel-

The Creator and writer of this blog: Andrea Gabilondo

This is a co-production between Arena and La Marmita

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