Thursday, February 15, 2007

Creativity is a Private Affair

Creativity is a private affair. It is the process of rummaging through and penetrating the intimate world of accumulated memories, thoughts, and sensations down to the very nature of being. If the process of creating does not begin at the source, it stands the danger of becoming a surface experience resulting in a superficial display.

Murray Louis

Speaking about the background of his creative work Aaron Copland wrote:

“What, after all do I put down when I put down notes? I put down a reflection of emotional states; feelings, perceptions, imagining, intuitions. An emotional state, as I use the term, is compounded of everything we are: our background, our environment, our convictions. Art particularizes and makes actual these fluent emotional states. Because it particularizes and makes it actual, it gives meaning to ‘la condition humaine’.

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